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Dawsonpharma is a leading temperature control solution provider to the pharmaceutical industry; part of Dawsongroup, a major European asset management company. Dawsonpharma provides high-value cold rooms, eutectic packaging blast freezers, stability rooms and clean environment. Every design encompasses all pharmaceutical and biotech industry regulatory compliance requirements, including qualification and validation support, Gamp5 audited data monitoring systems and insurance industry approval. 

Uniquely, Dawsonpharma offers complete packages of design, planning, construction, installation and 24/7 service support. The high-value, high-efficiency solutions you need, when you need them, for as long as you need them – all without major capital outlay. We offer products and solutions by temperature and sizes.

Dawsonpharma has specifically developed the Dawson DR Pharma range for the needs of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, providing highly accurate control and stability over temperature and air distribution settings. Standard commercial systems do not deliver the necessary finesse in performance of these critical factors, often resulting in costly temperature excursions. Each Dawson DR pharma unit is fitted with dual autonomous refrigeration system providing full 100% back-up with auto-switch over in the event of the fault occurring. The refrigeration system guarantees a stable and precise temperature profile throughout the entire environment, ensuring vital product integrity.                                          

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